Products Appropriate for Your Car


Not the only option but good ones.

Standard TR6 Tire Size: 215 X 65 X 15

This web site is terrific for selecting a tire size that will work with your speedometer.

Motor Oil: 5W50 Castrol Edge with Syntec API SN, synthetic, formerly Castrol Syntec, black bottle = 75,409 psi ZDDP 1200 ppm

Spin on oil filter sizes: TR6 Fram PH3600

TR8 WIX 51515

Coolant: Evans Waterless High Performance Coolant is specially formulated for gasoline engines in classic cars and high performance vehicles.

Gear Oil: GL4 grade which is lower in sulphur. GL5 not recommended

Brake Fluid: Valvoline Synthetic GL4/GL5

Spline Lubricant – CV Joint Grease

Star Tron Fuel Additive: For use with ethanol fuel if you have to use it.


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