TR6 Windwings

According to Moss Motors, they used to offer a pair of windwings for the TR4 & 4A under part number 647-010.  They were made by AMCO and probably sold through a number of distributors.  As far as they could tell, AMCO never offered these specifically for the TR6, but windwings that fit a TR4 can probably be made to fit a TR6 because the windshields are very similar.

There was not much interest in the TR4-4A windwings and they were dropped back in 1982 due to a lack of sales.  When they looked at the correspondence files, it appeared there were a number of issues with the installation.

The subject of TR6 windwings came up on their forum in 2008 and they received a number of emails from customers (gosh, I wonder who did that) asking about them.  Moss sent a selection of windwings to Paul Diershow of Sportscar Craftsmen LLC in Arvada Colorado to try out on a TR6.  The result of that experimentation and development is the result you now see on the Pumkin.

The installation is pretty simple as long as you get the fuzzy seal cuts in the proper place.  Just cut off all the fuzzy area, not the rubber part, to fit around the attach clamps.  Clamp the windwing to the metal flange that the fuzzy door seal clamps to, refit the seal and that is it.  It takes a little time to achieve the optimum fit but be patient and everything will work out.  Now Jan and I have to try it out.

wing01The windwings do not interfere with the window operation and so far I have not bumped into them when getting in or out of the car.  There are no holes to drill so nothing is being sacrificed except for the fuzzy door seal if you do not like them.

wing02If you are tired of having your left ear pounded by the wind when blowing from left to right while driving, this just might be the answer.  Hold on a minute and I will go find out.  Pause——-Well I still don’t know.  No wind.  Calm.   Oh well.  It is August in Oklahoma and the temperature is 81, sunny and no wind.  It is hard to complain about perfection.  At any rate, if there is anything to report, it will be forthcoming at a later date.  At least I got a nice shot of the Pumkin sporting the new windwings.

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