Rear Sway Bar Installation

sway01GREToday  I decided to install the new rear sway bar on the Pumkin.

sway02The product was purchased from ADDCO who has made these things forever.  The only drawback was there was a delay while they made up some more kits and the instructions could be better.

I figured out where everything sway03went except 4 washers.  I requested assistance via e-mail but as yet have not heard back.  Oh well, probably don’t need them anyway.

One thing that worked well was using a tie wrap to hold the assembly up while the two ends were attached.  The trailing arm attachments went in pretty easy.  The only hard part was getting the wrench on the bolt head in the center of the spring so the nut on the bottom could be tightened.

The frame attach points had to be drilled and the instructions called for two 3/8 in holes which would accept (in theory) the U bolt installed by putting one end through the first hole and lowering the end of the U bolt through the other hole so that the U bolt was inside the frame with the two ends hanging down.  The only problem here was it became obvious that ½ inch holes would work much easier than 3/8 inch holes.

After the U bolts were in it was simply a matter or placing the remaining hardware properly and tightening everything up.  So what does it do?  The idea is that the two trailing arms now linked will remain flatter when cornering and keep the inside wheel from lifting so much.  Should be much safer in case of an emergency swerve action.

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