Welcome to the Green Country Triumphs Club!

Established in 1993, the Green Country Triumphs Club, located in Tulsa and surrounding areas has been around for many years. Our club focuses on all models of Triumph automobiles. We are always looking for new members to join us in the exciting challanges and cool new adventures triumphs have to offer. Contact us and become a member today!


The TR6 and TR250 Car Club of the Americas

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Vintage Triumph Register

The Vintage Triumph Register is a North American Triumph car club of over 2,800 Triumph owners and enthusiasts supporting and showcasing all models of Triumphs

Upcoming Events

  1. Talimena Drive

    October 20

Exclusive repair tips

Learn all the tricks to your Triumph and receive expert help from our club members. Contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Repair Information

Repairing Stripped Threads for Oil Pan Bolts

During some periodic maintenance in the shop, the TR6 sump was finished up. The fasteners were all torqued to 20-foot…

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Story By Listed Reference • Photo by The Staff of Classic Motorsports The Triumph TR6 has been a cornerstone of the…

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Products Appropriate for Your Car

  Not the only option but good ones. Standard TR6 Tire Size: 215 X 65 X 15 This web site is terrific for…

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TR6 Soft Top Folding

To prevent window damage when top is down fold TR6 top as shown. Release top from rear bow and snaps at…

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Seat Belt Refurbish

One of the rebuild jobs that I have been putting off because I was concerned about never getting the things…

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Triumph Classifieds


1976 TR6 98K miles. Added Quantum Mechanics Overdrive Transmission and Overhauled engine less than 2000 miles. Original paint. $10,500. Frank Wood 918-833-2066

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We take care of the messy transportation process with our large nationwide network of qualified car haulers. As a logistics…

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Grill Badges

Grill Badges still available!

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